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Well. I have been lucky I guess.  I think the Flu has evaded me for a long time. Not this year though.   Spent more hours in bed this week from last Friday week with what must be the flu.   All the chassic symtoms have been there and I was forced to admit defeat for a Gig tonight at Syderstone Nr Fakenham.  So sorry heather and wishing you a happy 65th party tonight as The Green Park Centre.   Thanks to Eddie Piggott who found a great replacement in Mick Denver.   hope all goes well.

Fuzzy head still there and still very tired, but feel up to putting this on here so must be improving.  Lot of gigs coming up so trying to be fit for all of them starting at a local sheltered housing in Norwich this coming Wednesday.

Oh well, onwards and upwards I hope.

Sad Loss of Dick Bloy

So sorry to hear of the recent passing of Dick Bloy of R and B  Entertainments of Loddon.  I believe it was last year he quietly celebrated his 50th year in entertainment with wife Eileen.   I did offer my services for free if he were to have had a celebration party in 2016 but whilst proud of his input in to the local entertainment scene over so long a time, didn't want any fuss.  I know there were countless acts locally and no doubt further afield who would have supported that.

Got my first gig from R and B  when I was in my early fifties.   Will never forget, I was supporting Johnny Marcs and because it was a charity gig, I was asked to perform either for a low fee or for nothing. The reason Dick gave me was it would provide good publicity for someone "up and coming" like me.    I remember thinking it was about time I'd arrived, not just up and coming at about 52. ha Ha!.

Another story to share with you all is the time a couple of years ago I guess when Jubilee Hall in Loddon hired a new caretaker who proved difficult to deal with.  His words and actions really did upset Dick who confided in me that he was the one sitting outside selling bricks in order to have a local community centre in the first place.  I don't think the caretaker lasted long there and the wrong was righted.  If only some people would give more thought before opening thier mouths, this world would be a better place.

Although I did start late, this music era to my life has been so successful and satisfying and continues to be.  Sue and I have made many wonderful friends over the last 20 years of gigging   Whilst my association with R and B Entertainments has been limited,  Dick and Eileen have always had my utmost respect and both Sue and I wish Eileen well in continuing the business they built together.



Pat James & Friends Club Nov 12th.

Over 100 people attended our latest event at the Wensum Valley country Club in Norwich.  Our guest act Brian Mann was in top form and we all had a great time.   I took some video of Brian with some of our crowd during the evening and will place it here and on my Facebook page soon.

I do like Brian Mann, a good friend to me,  nice and easy to work with and a great character with a wicked sense of humour . Easy and pleasing on the air with both vocals and guitar.    A real professional.

We look to have around 120 again this year for our Christmas Party on December 17th including some late requests coming in, so another lovely day in store.

New Years Eve 2018 Booked with Bobby Graham

Just received confirmation that Bobby Graham and myself have been booked to do News Years Eve at The Wymondham Dell Bowls Club in 2018.   This follows a very well supported and successful night recently, when Bobby and I were together there in support of a charity event .   Getting quite used to this place now and looking forward to entertaining what should be a packed crowd this coming New Years Eve.

Wishing Pauls wife Viv well after she badly injured a knee and Ex club President David all the best,  as he also suffered a recent and painful injury. All great people and all who, when not committed to a Bowls event, have come along to support my music club in Norwich at various times this year.

Wymondham Dementia Support Event

A really well supported evening at Wymondham Dell Bowls Club last Saturday.   Bowls Club President Theresa Balls raised £525 for the Wymondham Dementia Support Group.  A turnout of nearly 100 bopped the night away with myself and Bobby Graham providing the entertainment.   A very successful night with lots of people. I look forward to being at this lovely venue Old Years Night.