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Must just mention

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Had the pleasure of singing at a Birthday Party held at The Wensum hotel and Golf Club 

 On Saturday 12th Jan for two of our friends Daphne and Roger.  A lovely occasion supported by so many of their friends and relations.  I was joined in providing entertainment by local act Ricky Solo who is certainly part of the future when this old fella packs it in. 

 The occasion was made even more Special by Daphnes decision to provide a raffle and a donation box to support The new Independence Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to which Roger owes his life.  Daphne, bless her, pledged to double whatever sum the raffle raised which turned out to be nearly £700. With notable and generous donations from family members, the total sum raised was over £3000. A wonderful result and a great way to celebrate a birthday.   Lovely people caring so much for others welfare. Absolutely brilliant and so pleased to have such kind and caring people as our friends.  

New equipment 

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my Bose L1 Model 1 Amp/ Speaker PA system as it failed just before Christmas and was written off by an Amp engineer.  Sold what I could, Base Unit and Speakers plus remote control on E bay and was pleasantly surprised that it raised a good amount towards my chosen replacement.  Thanks to Matthew at Cookes Band instruments for recommending the RCF Evox J8 system. clear sound, powerful and easy to set up.  Looking forward to using it soon at my forthcoming club event at The Wensum Valley on January 27th.   Can't really complain about the Bose failing as it had served me well for about ten years and PA systems have moved on.  

Our Guest singer this month is the very popular Brian Mann and hope many of you can turn up and make it a special atmosphere.  

Wishing you all a Fab Christmas

Now coming up to a busy time for gigs.  Not so many as last year, but quite happy with that.

  Just to say "thank you" to everyone of my music friends who have helped make another year so special just by being there for both Sue and I.    Its like having another family .  My own club has seen great support this year and indications are that 2019 will be another successful year for us .    Since starting my music career late in life, Sue and I have met so many wonderful people on our travels and this to us has been such a rewarding experience.  A slight regret  is that my Mum never got to share in our experience.  She was always buying me records back in the late fifties and sixties and loved her music, hence I got to hear and love the music from that very special time. She even loved the Beatles but I remember her listening to Matt Munroe and Billy Fury. Jim Reeves was her favourite.  Still got many of records she bought me in our loft together with an old Bush record player. 

Again, thanks to you all for enriching our lives and for making each passing year an unforgettable experience.  Sue and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year. xxx

Christmas Party at Pat James & Friends Club

Once again, a good turnout at our November club event at the Wensum Valley hotel.  Lisa Marie was, as expected a big hit with our crowd and we look forward to seeing her again at some future date. Not too much video from this as my camera decided to play up unknown to Mark who had agreed to take some footage.  Have got some video however and will put this on soon. Slightly blurred footage of Maggie and her new boyfriend Tym dancing to my rendition of "In this life". Thanks for taking part Tym. That raised a few laughs with your "Strictly" type dancing. Lots of fun. 

Next up of course is our Christmas Party on 16th December when we will be enjoying a 2 course carvery prior to the entertainment . Teas and coffees included at 5pm with donated Mince pies from Margaret and John from Kings Lynn.  Now around a hundred tickets sold. Space for just a few more at £15 each.

Our raffle will also take place towards the end of the evening with over 50 prizes plus the 3 Santas Hampers.  

Carvery will be served in the Fairway suite adjoining our usual room at 1pm.  Please take your seats at 12.30 pm latest if poss. Tables will then be called up.

Special night at Ormesby St Michael Village Hall

Back at Ormesby St Michael Village Hall after a quite a while was a lovely experience.  Rita, Evelyn and

 June work so hard to keep this very popular music club giong. For just £5 visitors were treated to a lovely warm environment with a bar and lots of like minded friends and entry included a 2 course buffet. On top of that the folks had some entertainment until about 11pm.  A decent raffle as well added to the evening.   A couple of friends of mine also turned up, Brian and Cindy, both now into their Eighties are to be married this coming Saturday and everyone was delighted for them. Performed a Westlife song for them with just the right lyrics. In this life, (I was loved by you).   Wish them both well.