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Wishing you all a Fab Christmas

Now coming up to a busy time for gigs.  Not so many as last year, but quite happy with that.

  Just to say "thank you" to everyone of my music friends who have helped make another year so special just by being there for both Sue and I.    Its like having another family .  My own club has seen great support this year and indications are that 2019 will be another successful year for us .    Since starting my music career late in life, Sue and I have met so many wonderful people on our travels and this to us has been such a rewarding experience.  A slight regret  is that my Mum never got to share in our experience.  She was always buying me records back in the late fifties and sixties and loved her music, hence I got to hear and love the music from that very special time. She even loved the Beatles but I remember her listening to Matt Munroe and Billy Fury. Jim Reeves was her favourite.  Still got many of records she bought me in our loft together with an old Bush record player. 

Again, thanks to you all for enriching our lives and for making each passing year an unforgettable experience.  Sue and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year. xxx