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Bobby and Pat

Seems there are some rumours going around that Bobby and I are going our separate ways when it comes to our gigs together. Just to tell you all that our musical relationship and friendship is strong and I can only imagine that someone has put two and two together and come up with 5.

As you are aware, Bobbys club event at The Wensum Valley has been cancelled after November this year, but I understand Bobby and Ann have found a new venue which will I am sure prove popular and he is announcing this today at his latest club event with Julie Dawn.  I havent been able to go today because of a bad throat and chesty cough.   I will also be making an announcement at our next Pat James & Friends club event on 21st of October with myself and Bobby at The Wensum Valley regarding our own venue.  

I am now in the process of booking for our dates next year and Bobby will still be guesting at our club as usual.  I look forward to being at Bobbys new venue as well. Talking to him soon in order to avoid each others dates.

A limited number of tickets will soon be available for Old Years night party at the Wymondham Dell Bowls Club (entry £15) when I will once again be teaming up with Bobby to provide the entertainment.   As the song goes  "Best of Friends" and thats how it will always be .